Detailed Event production

I have more than 25 years' experience in small business, corporate, and national PR events.  Former clients include KSBW-TV, WPMI-TV, KCBA-TV, University of South Florida, Auburn University, Alumni Professionals of the SEC, American Diabetes Association, John Steinbeck Center Foundation, YWCA Boulder, SPCA Monterey County, NCAA, and more!  I believe in telling stories through events...what's your story?

business public relations events

Engage with your clients and customers.   Push out your new products.  Invite customers in.

Whether your business is large or small, one thing is for sure, you need your clients, and your clients need to know that you want their business.  Your marketing department may be busy developing brand names and packaging; your sales department may be busy cold calling and pushing orders.  But who is handling your customer events?  Don't leave this to the office manager or HR pro.  

Our events can be anything you imagine to personally engage your clients.  Below are some ideas of PR events that we can produce for you.  But really...the sky is the limit!

  • Holiday Open cider, appreciation gifts and product showcase.  Give them a reason to come see you!

  • Trade Fair Booth...let the PR experts help design your interactive booth and collect/manage the data from your "enter to win".

  • Meetings/Conferences...from local to national we can pull together your industry and host a top-notch conference that skyrockets you to the top.

  • Summer Festival...bring your products out of the house when the weather gets nice and go where the people go.

  • Planning Weekend/Retreat...board members, stakeholders or employees - get them together and give them the creative space to help plan next year.

  • Grand Opening...banners, balloons and beer!

  • Product a new product in house?  A good PR pro can develop a plan to showcase it by drawing clients into your store; perhaps some tasting, testing and talking will do the trick.